Name – Bob

place of birth – a plummeting airplane, on fire, and missing a wing

birthday – one time a year, every year

favorite album – Dark Side if the Moon

favorite bands –Frank Zappa, Enya

favorite country – I don’t really like country, but japan rules

favorite color – blue, followed closely by clear

hobbies – golf, disc golf,

favorite websites –,,

sports – basketball, football, golf

favorite temperature – 98.6 degrees farenheit

favorite metal – beryllium copper

favorite planet – earth

dream car – Land Rovers HSE with 24’ dubs

favorite ocean – led zepplin’s version

favorite movie – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

favorite book – everybody poops

college attended – university of kansas

farthest you've been from home - japan

previous bands you've played with. – Puddle, The Revely Trio, the PBR All Stars, DJNOTADJ

Other performance groups, ie theatre etc. –Blue Man Group

Venues or cities you've played that you are proud of with or without sellout –Japan, England, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Toronto, Dallas, Boulder, L.A. Chicago, New York,

any contests, awards, battle of the bands or any other crap like that

I can talk about that will make us look better than we actually are.

Won a pitch music award with DJNOTADJ

reason you like playing with sellout. – free beer, oh and it’s a lot of fun, too.

quotes you've heard your friends say about sellout. – “It is the best band I’ve ever seen, and I’m not even that drunk.”

“Hey what are you doing here? Oh, that was YOU playing? I didn’t even recognize you.”

tell me about your gear, ie. brand of instruments, year, how long

you've been playing etc.

I am an exclusive, non-endorsed user of Kansas City Drumorks//Kansas City Drum Company//KC/DC drums. Custom built in 1994 – for the drummers: 8x8, 8x10, 10x12, was created by Nick Kounas.Sellout_Nick_Kounas.html