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Name Danny

Place of Birth Vienna, VA


Birthday October 6, 1980’


Favorite BandsBela Fleck, They Might Be Giants, Tom Waits

Favorite CountryMexicoT


Favorite ColorGreen

Favorite FoodBuffet

Perfect Temp82f


Hobbies Running, Biking, Swimming,(triathlons), Rock Climbing, Eating Sandwiches, Making Sandwiches to eat, Loafing and being “that guy”

Favorite Websites           www.zombo.com

Favorite MetalTin 


Dream CarI don’t know what that is

Favorite Ocean Carribean


Favorite MovieThe Royal Tenenbaums


Favorite Book The Book of Morman


College Attended KU

Farthest you've been from home NY, NY

Previous bands you've played withn.a.

Other performance groups, ie theatre etc. The Downbeat award winning KU saxophone quartet

Favorite Shoes              Puma’s

What’s the deal with your face?                            My mom warned me it would stay that way and she was right

Reason you like playing with SelloutI don’t like playing with Sellout, I do it for the money

Reason you aren’t always playing with sellout

            Because a brain dead monkey could cover my parts

Favorite song Sellout does                            Shake Your Bootie

Quotes you've heard your friends say about sellout. 

Are you guys with the circus?

Tell me about your gear, ie. brand of instruments, year, how long you've been playing etc. 

Selmer Mark VII Tenor, 18 years