Name - OZ, aka Gene Simmons

place of birth - Chicago

birthday - September 13

favorite SELLOUT! songs - Led Zeppelin Medley, JB's "Sex Machine", "Rock n' Roll All Nite", "Sweet Caroline", "Pour Some Sugar On Me," "Straight Up," and "Plush" which we haven't done in too long!


favorite "other" songs - anything by Jacques Brel, Miles Davis or The Talking Heads, most anything by the Beatles, half of Stravinsky's stuff, a fourth of Prince's stuff, none of the Bee Gees stuff.

favorite bands  Savoy Brown, Wishbone Ash, Devon Allman's HoneyTribe

favorite country - to visit - Newfoundland, which is now a part of Canada;

                         to live - right here

favorite color - green with blue, yellow and orange gray/black and white hues

hobbies - jamming, fishing, loving on my Bride

favorite websites -,

sports - whatever my knees will allow

proudest moments - birth of Shauna, meeting with God

favorite temperature -

favorite metal - tonguestun, what else?

favorite planet - one we haven't discovered yet

dream car - Jaguar

favorite ocean - South Pacific

favorite movie - It's A Wonderful Life

favorite book - The Bible

college attended - U of Illinois, Am. Conservatory of Music, U of Missouri (but I'm a Jayhawker fan all the way!)

farthest you've been from home - I astral projected to some unknown corners of space and time, but with my body intact, I've been to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka - Japan.

previous bands you've played with.- too many to remember or that anyone else would - known bands might include The Backsliders, The Pickups, Bo Diddley, Spencer Davis, Mick Taylor, The Coasters, The Drifters.

Other performance groups, ie theatre etc. - I played a hippy promoter a la Michael Lang when I was in 8th grade.  Now I just try to act like Gene.

Venues or cities you've played that you are proud of with or without sellout - Liberty Hall, The Bottleneck, The Jazzhaus, Starlight Amphitheater, Waukarusa Fest, Omega Keggers, Chicagoland, Minneapolis, St. Loo, Denver, Steamboat Springs... there's lots of great cities with great people in the middle 14 states I've been fortunate to tour.  Most importantly, Rick's Ballroom in Norfolk, where our bus broke down and I fatefully met my Bride some 18 years ago.


Places You Want to Play - The Virgin Islands, Europe, Japan.

any contests, awards, battle of the bands or any other crap like that

I can talk about that will make us look better than we actually are -

In 8th grade I won Mr. Camp award for S. Side Chicago basketball camp.  A few years later I needed knee surgery and bass became my place.  I never won any awards for playing bass, just enjoy playing my note.

reason you like playing with sellout - the band members, the fans, fun times, keep learning songs, keeps my fingers in shape, the Patron.

quotes you've heard your friends/fans say about sellout!  We should do originals, we should take ditch the costumes, we should have better costumes, is that your real hair, let me see your tongue, the sax player is cute, who is the drummer supposed to be, I should wear a Mr. Potatoehead suit, play one more song!

tell me about your gear, ie. brand of instruments, year, how long

you've been playing etc. - I've been playing Frank, my '63 P-Bass since 1986, have an upright German flatback that I need to get back to, also play a Wendler fretless electroacoustic bass that's wonderful.  My amp sounds like ass right now and I sold my early 70's Ampeg SVT to pay the taxman before SELLOUT! started and have regretted that decision ever since (I heard the bassist from the Anniversary has/had it).  I bought some new pedals that I don't know how to use b/c I'm a bass player and can only handle one moveable part. 

I've been playing longer than many of our fans have been alive, thus the makeup and my immature attitude helps hide all those years.  Fortunately I'm much younger than Gene, and better looking according to some, but I can't breathe fire and I don't have my own action figure. was created by Nick Kounas.Sellout_Nick_Kounas.html