Name Jenny Leanne Smith

place of birth Kansas City, MO


birthday March 2, 1976


favorite songs What I am (Edie Brickell), Euphoria (School of Fish)


favorite bands Meatloaf, The WIlders, Pomeroy

favorite country I would know any other country, never been anywhere else.


favorite color Red



hobbies Reading, singing, shopping

favorite websites


sports I guess football.  Or Figure skating :)

favorite metal Silver



favorite planet Mars


dream car Mini Cooper (Red with a black convertible top)


favorite ocean Gulf of Mexico


favorite movie Splendor in the Grass, Breakfast at Tiffany's


favorite book The one I am reading at any given time


college attended Kansas State University (GO CATS!)

farthest you've been from home Bahama's

previous bands you've played with. I played 3 gigs with Souled Out and realized nothing is as fun as Sellout!

Other performance groups, ie theatre etc. JMT Enterprises present Little Elvis and Jenny Lee, The Al Latta Show, The Jenny Lee show. Theatre includes West Side Story (Theater in the Park), Hello Dolly! (Red hot theater Company), Red Hot Revue (Red Hot THeater Company), Miracle on 31st St (Red Hot Theater Company)

Venues or cities you've played that you are proud of with or without sellout Jenny Lee Show at Harrah's Casino

any contests, awards, battle of the bands or any other crap like that

I can talk about that will make us look better than we actually are.

reason you like playing with sellout.  I get the opportunity to play with the most fun party band in Kansas!!

quotes you've heard your friends say about sellout. 

tell me about your gear, ie. brand of instruments, year, how long

you've been playing etc.  I have been singing since I was 4 years old, started professional vocal lessons at 9, and started getting paid to sing at 16. was created by Nick Kounas.Sellout_Nick_Kounas.html