Name:  Michael


From:  Proud Lawrence, Kansas Native


Instrument:  Taca Bongo and Conga Set, LP tamborines, Cabasa and Maracas.  I also recently purchased a Meinl (hot new brand) Bongo and Conga set that is sounding really good!  I can also pass as a straight-ahead rock drummer on my Tama Superstars!


Character:  Crazy 88 from the House of Blue Leaves scene in Kill Bill I.  Why?  Because I'm Crazy and want to fight Uma Thurman With a mask on!


Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Color:  Black 

Favorite Metal:  Platinum


Favorite Groups:  Led Zeppelin, Beatles, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Police, Radiohead, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Bowie, Rush, Cheap Trick, Santana, ROCK, ROCK, ROCK!!!


Favorite Movies:  Kill Bill I & II, The Big Lebowski, Godfather I & II,  Superman Returns, Lord of The Rings, Once, 28 Days, many more!


My Role In Sellout:  Rockin' in the rhythm section, jumping in the crowd, tossing the random tamborine to you when you are on the dance floor!  I am the extra cheese on the pizza, the bacon on the hamburger, the cherry on top.  Not truly necessary, not always there, but (hopefully) adding something good to make things a little extra special!!  (Sellout's rhythm section DOES rock!)


Favorite Sellout Songs:  Sex Machine, Humpty Dance, Could You Be Loved, Santeria, Cheap Sunglasses, You Outta Know, any Jack Johnson, Couldn't Stand The Weather, Love Shack, It's Not Unusual, Rock and Roll All Night, Bobby McGee, I Will Survive, many more!!


Why I LOVE Sellout:  Nick's guitar playing, the quality of my band mates, the party attitude of our fans!


Secret Motivation:  Did you know that every gig a musician plays adds 8 hours to what would have been their normal life expectancy without performing music!?!  We need this to survive!!!


Other Bands:  I can be seen once or twice a month with Drew and Katie at re:Verse and The Jeff Jenkins Band at O'Dowd's, both on The Plaza in KCMO.

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