from - earth

favorite bands ­Tori Amos, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Medeski Martin & Wood, Van Halen, Jason Mraz, Dave Mathews Band, Jamiroquai

favorite country ­ I'm still looking but I've got my eyes on New Zealand & Australia

favorite color ­ Translucent, opaque, pearl, silver and black

favorite foods - Sushi, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Italian, Thai and anything HOT!

hobbies ­ snowboarding, mountainbiking, wakeboarding, scuba diving, gardening, Jayhawk Basketball and traveling

favorite mountain -  the one with snow and a lift that I'm lucky enough to be on

favorite websites ­,

sports ­ football, tennis, volleyball, soccer

favorite temperature ­ 69 f

favorite news source -  Daily show, Economist, NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera, Last Week Tonight

favorite altitude- either sea level or high enough to jump out of a plane or put snow on the mountains

favorite metal ­ silver

favorite animal -  dogs

favorite planet ­ earth

favorite island - maui

dream car ­ Mclaren or maybe a Tesla

favorite guitarists - Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Edward Van Halen, David Gilmour, John Scofield

favorite ocean ­ they say the pacific is bigger than the atlantic, I've seen em both, they look the same size but I like the Pacific better

favorite movies ­ Usual Suspects, Clerks, Pulp Fiction

favorite book ­ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

college attended ­ university of kansas

farthest you've been from home - Australia

previous bands you've played with. ­ Rip Curl, River City, Immaculate Reception, Albatross, Shupbish, Dead Reckoning, Kill Creek, Felix, Modern Saints, Backsliders, Wire Tripper, Puddle

reason you like playing with sellout. ­ the only place people will actually listen to me.  I get off on saying crazy shit just to get a reaction.  A microphone and PA really make for a lot of fun, especially when people react to the nonsense spewing from my mouth:)

quotes you've heard your friends say about sellout. ­ “can you put me on the guest list”

gear - I'm partial to strats over les pauls.  G&L's are my fetish but play a couple Les Pauls too.  Also have; Martin, Taylors, Alverez, Guild, Yamaha, Dean, Andreas, Fender and a Kramer.  A guitarists perfect tone only lasts a few months before the reoccurring search begins again.  Now I just bounce back and forth between my Marshall's and Fender's.  However, when it's a bigger venue or I don't mind carrying the heavy beast, I bring the Boogie.  Once I got my first Boogie amp I ditched all the effects cuz the sound of 13 tubes can't really be improved upon-credit Sebastian Alfi.  That was a decade ago.  I've recently picked up one stomp box which spends most of the night turned off.  I used to play my Roland synth at the gigs but not anymore.   Sennheiser wireless guitar.  On stage I use Shure Mics.  I prefer the beta 87 but use the beta 58 when there's no phantom power.  I recently invested in Sennheiser in-ear monitors which have lifted me from being a mediocre singer to mildly adequate.  But the key to my sound and success is definitely my obsession with velcro, it's like high tech duct tape.

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