The live audio was recorded at different shows at different venues in and around Lawrence, Kansas.  A majority of it was captured at Abe and Jakes in fall of 2007 with Kurt Stockhammer mixing. All recordings were engineered and produced by Nick Kounas.

The pictures were taken by friends, fans, photographers with the majority being provided by Ashley Litlle, Ailecia Ruscin, Alyssa Guinn, Matt Farley, Scott Workman and Nick Kounas.  All photo editing done by Nick Kounas

Slide show produced by Nick Kounas.

Pictures include past and present band members; nick kounas, steve ozark, jenny smith, bob little, nate holt, danny loental, kelsie clark, michael edmondson, candace nichols, brian barth, tricia carrier, valery price, ken anderson, sunnye bertrand, ray barbee, jason slote, mike meyers, kenny pingleton, alan carlton and dash williamson.

If you would like a higher resolution version of this promo email nick kounas at was created by Nick Kounas.Sellout_Nick_Kounas.html